Why Ad it on Autos?

  • Your brand could be moving over 1,00,000 Autos across the city everyday.
  • Your brand could be spending maximum number of hours on road.
  • Mobile in nature - moves in all prime location, your brand caters to all types of audiences.
  • Longer visibility gives a fair chance to make a lasting impact on the audience to flaunt its potential
  • This platform is more cost effective than any other form of advertising, considering the long duration for which your brand stays in the public eye, its production and execution.
  • Not just few seconds on T.V. or Radio or a small corner in a huge Newspaper or a few chosen areas.
  • Preferable over advertising on radio cabs - as Radio cabs are less in number, high cost of advertising, narrow and less frequent commuters and covers lesser areas in comparison to Autos.
  • It's new, attractive, pocket-friendly and just the right platform that your brand deserves.


Billboards / Hoardings Print (Newspaper and Magazines) Bus advertising Web advertising Cab advertising
  • Stationed at one place
  • Wear and tear is not mended
  • Costly printing
  • Not at eye level
  • Effective for the educated class only
  • Not every household subscribes to all Newspaper or Magazine
  • Placed along with many other ads
  • Print media is a costly affair
  • Reaches only a small section of society
  • No maintenance
  • Travels only on fixed routes
  • Less number of buses than Autos
  • Limited to outer circle roads
  • Limited to computer friendly users
  • Space to advertise is less and costly
  • The use of computers is still limited
  • Chances of emailers falling in junk / spam
  • Costlier than Auto advertising
  • Auto Cab Ratio - 10:1(Auto : Cab)
  • Covers fewer areas than an Auto
  • Number and variety of commuters is less

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