Our Survey

Our team of experts carried out an extensive online survey, below are the responses..

1. Have you ever noticed an Advertisement on a moving vehicle?

2. Do you think that Advertisements on moving vehicles can convey messages that make sense?

3. Have you ever been impressed or motivated by an ad through print media while travelling?

4. Would you welcome Auto rickshaw(s) as a platform for advertising or if given a chance would you like to advertise about your product or business on Auto-Rickshaw(s)?

5. If yes,What kind of advertisements would you like to see behind an auto rickshaw?

6. How often do you take an Auto-rickshaw ride?

7. Would you like to see ads inside other public transport like buses or taxis?

8. Advertisements on public transport like Auto rickshaw will have great reach and visibility to target audience as they keep moving in all hook and corners of the city?

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